Joshua Feland

Joshua Feland, Burton MacDonald and Rosemarie Sampson Fellowship 2024-2025

“Exploring Continuity and Transition in Southern Jordan”

Burton MacDonald and Rosemarie Sampson Fellowship

University of Alberta
History, Classics, and Religion

Joshua Feland is an MA student at the University of Alberta, Canada, where he studies classical archaeology. His current focus is the interrelated trade between Roman North Africa and the eastern Roman provinces, with a special interest in the port structures at Carthage and the trade that this port structure facilitated. He has a BA in classics, with minors in Latin and anthropology. For fieldwork, he has been a student/volunteer on the Upper Sabina Tiberina Project in Vacone, Italy, where he was part of the excavation of a Roman villa (late Republican to 3rd century CE). He has also done survey CRM work in Northern Alberta, Canada. This year he is part of the Exploring Continuity and Transition in Southern Jordan project, a survey of the Petran Highlands, where he will be focusing on the economic trade pathways of the region. This will also be his first experience in Jordan. Beyond his studies, he can be found practicing historical fencing, where he specializes in Renaissance Italian rapier and longsword, as well as 17th-century Scottish broadsword.

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