Ahmad Thaher

Ahmad Thaher, Kenneth W. Russell Memorial Fellowship 2024-2025

“Nizzanan Technology at Kharaneh IV: A Comparative Study of Epipalaeolithic Cultural Diversity and Technological Innovation of Stone Tools in the Southern Levant”

Kenneth W. Russell Memorial Fellowship

The University of Tulsa

Ahmad Thaher’s passion for history inspired him to do his undergraduate studies in archaeology and tourism at Mutah University. Currently, he is working on his MA in anthropology at the University of Tulsa in the United States. A decade separated the completion of his bachelor’s degree and the commencement of his MA program. During this time, he delved into numerous archaeological projects as a professional archaeologist. While most of his experience is in excavation, he has also contributed to surveys, restoration initiatives, and site management. These projects spanned a wide spectrum, ranging from collaborations with local organizations and international nonprofits to affiliations with foreign universities. The archaeological sites he worked on were scattered across Jordan, representing various historical periods. His exposure to diverse field and laboratory methods has significantly shaped his skills and fueled his enthusiasm for archaeology. Notably, his involvement in prehistoric projects within Jordan crystallized his interest in this fascinating field. Practicing flintknapping has helped him improve his lithic analysis skills. As he pursues his master’s, his ultimate aspiration is to obtain a PhD and return to Jordan. There, he aims to contribute to the expansion of prehistoric studies by mentoring and training fellow Jordanian archaeologists.

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