Lama Khaled Maabreh

Lama Khaled Maabreh, Frederick-Wenger Jordanian Educational Fellowship, 2023–2024

University Study

Frederick-Wenger Jordanian Educational Fellowship, 2023–2024

Yarmouk University
Faculty of Education, Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Lama Maabreh is a PhD candidate at Yarmouk University. Her research focuses on the conservation and documentation of architectural heritage, historically significant sites, buildings, and artworks. She utilizes new methods as innovative methodologies for ensuring the safeguarding of architectural heritage and historical and cultural value for students. Heritage digitization involves converting tangible cultural assets into digital formats that will preserve and provide widespread electronic access to them. It safeguards and facilitates the availability of heritage for future generations. Hence, her goal as a conservator is to preserve and document our cultural and historical heritage in order to perpetuate it and make it available for future generations, and her ultimate goal is to transfer this to students and integrate it into school curricula. This will help students to better understand and discover their own history and continue learning and interacting with school subjects throughout their lives.

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