Husam Hamdan

Husan Hamdan, Frederick-Wenger Jordanian Educational Fellowship, 2023–2024

University Study

Frederick-Wenger Jordanian Educational Fellowship

The Hashemite University
Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage

Husam Hamdan is an undergraduate student majoring in tourism management at the Hashemite University. He became familiar with the tourism industry while living in Aqaba (where there are always tourists) but decided he wanted to study this field while living for four years in Stockholm, Sweden, where he made friends with a tourist from Canada and showed him around the city for two days. He realized then that this was a skill of his that went well with his passion for learning new languages. Working in the tourism industry is exciting because of the opportunities to  meet new people and learn about other cultures as well as being able to teach others about Jordanian culture and show them how much Jordan has to offer in terms of its diversity of culture and heritage. In the future he plans to continue work on an MA in the same or similar field to build his knowledge of this industry.

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