Holly O’Neil

Holly O'Neil, Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship, 2023–2024

Renewed Archaeological Survey of the Azraq Wadis Sectors

Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship, 2023–2024

Simon Fraser University

Holly O’Neil is a first-year master’s student in archaeology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Her research involves an investigation of how religious beliefs fostered group cooperation and sociopolitical complexity during the transition from small-scale hunter-gatherer groups to large-scale settled societies in the ancient past. She has participated in several archaeological projects in the past, including an excavation of the Monashee World War I internment camp in Canada, a survey of the ancient Greek dyeworks complex of Helike, and an excavation of Paleolithic stone tools at Hayonim cave, Israel. This summer, she will be participating in a survey of the Azraq Wadis in Jordan, looking for lithics with her supervisor, Dr. Mark Collard. 

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