Annmarie Delgado

Annmarie Delgado, Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship, 2023–2024

Dhiban Excavation and Development Project

Bert and Sally de Vries Fellowship, 2023–2024

University of California, Berkeley
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

Annmarie Delgado is a San Francisco Bay-area native residing in the East Bay. She is a senior at the University of California Berkeley and is pursing a double major in anthropology and Middle Eastern languages and cultures. She has been working as a research apprentice under Dr. Benjamin Porter, rehousing artifacts and inputting their data into a database for the Dhiban Archaeological Project for a year while also working in the archaeobotany labs at the university, performing flotation and identifying and sorting light-fraction plant remains. She is very excited to come to Jordan and excavate with the Dhiban Archaeological Project this summer and help identify new finds and conduct research. She is looking forward to telling the American Center audience more about her experiences when she returns from the field.

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