Reham Abdallah

“New Tourist Path in Zarqa Governorate”

Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship, 2021–2022

Hashemite University, Zarqa (Jordan)
Sustainable Tourism

Reham Abdallah holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural heritage management and museology from the Hashemite University in Zarqa, where she later worked for the Department of Antiquities as an archaeologist, aiding in the rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance of archaeological sites. She has also performed administrative tasks for the DoA in Amman, including for the 13th International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan (ICHAJ 13), held in 2015.

She is now enrolled as a graduate student in the Department of Sustainable Tourism at the Hashemite University, working toward an MA in management and development of tourism and heritage sites. Her project will examine certain archaeological sites in Zarqa from the standpoint of architecture and archaeology in order to link them together to create the first-ever tourist path in Zarqa Governorate, which is Jordan’s third most populous. Khirbat al-Jamous will receive a comprehensive evaluation, al-Qasr al-Ahmar, Abu ez-Zeighan, Jabal al-Ruhayl, and Tall as-Sukhna will be documented, and the relationships among these five sites will be studied. The resulting tourist path will interweave their stories, raising the local community’s awareness of the importance of these sites and their preservation and protection.

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