Razan Ahmad

University Study

Frederick-Wenger Memorial Jordanian Educational Fellowship, 2021–2022

University of Jordan, Amman (Jordan)
Library and Information Science

Razan Ahmad is member of the New Professionals Program of the International Council on Archives (ICA). She recently worked as assistant restorer on the reassembly of three Roman statues from the Eastern Roman Baths in Jerash, funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation and carried out in close collaboration with the Department of Antiquities and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Previously, she was archival technician for the ACOR Photo Archives (2018–2020). Ahmad completed a BS in conservation restoration management at the University of Jordan, where she is currently enrolled in an MA program in library and information science. Her particular interest is digital archives for heritage, which she will explore in a thesis tentatively entitled “The Importance of Audio Archives between Civilizations.” Throughout the years, she has developed her skills as a video and image editor and a mapmaker and has participated in a large number of workshops and courses, including those on oral history and audio archiving, in which she has learned to catalog, process, and edit digital sound archives on oral history in Jordan, and on collection management and documentation techniques. She is eager to learn new technologies to help heritage and archaeology.

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