Excavation and Survey Equipment

ACOR has excavation equipment that it has obtained over the years, much of it donated to the center by various excavation projects. ACOR rents this equipment to excavations and individuals, charging nominal fees to provide for the maintenance of the equipment.

In the event you need items that are not available, ACOR will try to locate these items prior to your arrival in Jordan and have them ready for your use.

Send a letter to ACOR explaining your needs and ACOR will reply with what is available and the costs. Send a U.S. Dollar check to the Boston office. Your items will be purchased before your arrival.

ACOR would appreciate the donation of this equipment for future excavations or will offer storage space (nominal fee charged). ACOR needs to continually upgrade this equipment and all donations are appreciated.

This equipment includes: common plastic ware, guffahs, plumb bobs, compasses, pins, stools, kitchen utensils, cooking pots and pans, etc.

A limited amount of survey equipment is available at ACOR for rent. There are two digital Theodolites, one optical Theodolite and one Distance Measuring Device and assorted tripods, reflectors and rods.

These are in demand during the summer and most are reserved a year in advance. At other times, the items are usually more available. Reservations are recommended. E-mail ACOR, acor@acorjordan.org to reserve these items to guarantee their availability.

Nominal prices charged are sufficient only to maintain the equipment and support the rental to excavators. Additional details available. Renters are responsible for lost, damaged, and mishandled survey equipment.

These items are delicate and require skilled handlers trained in survey techniques and survey equipment handling.

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