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Book Donations:
The American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) Library is dependent upon donations of books for the expansion of the library.ACOR is interested in donations of individual books and also entire libraries. Although the needs of ACOR are limited and specific in scope, all books, maps, periodicals and journals are of interest. Items can be bartered or traded for needed research works if the library cannot use the works. The ACOR library is particularly interested in works the fields of: archaeology, geography, social sciences, political science, Arabic language, Jordan, Jordanian culture, Arabic culture and related fields. Maps of the region are also needed. We request that you contact the nearest ACORoffice via Email or FAX with the details of your literary works.

How to Donate Books:
• Determine your books, publications, periodicals, journals, maps and photographs to be donated.
• Determine value of the assets.
• Contact the ACOR office in Boston or in Amman.
• Ship the resources that are approved to the Boston or Amman office.
• • A letter of appreciation / certificate of donation will be mailed to you for tax purposes, although the valuation is provided by you, for the donation.
• Occasionally, review your holdings for excess, and remember ACOR.

ACOR income taxes purposes, depending on your tax situation.

Contact Information:

ACOR Library
P.O. Box 2470
Amman 11181, Jordan
Phone: 962-6-534-6117
Fax: 962-6-534-4181

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