Traditional Meal

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Maha and Amal, two inseparable neighbors in the heart of Amman, are on a mission to celebrate and promote traditional Jordanian cuisine. Where one is found, the other is never far behind, their friendship as strong as the flavors they create.

In the historic Amman Citadel, they have embarked on a culinary adventure, preserving the essence of Jordan’s traditional dishes. The emphasis on creating healthy meals without sacrificing flavor is their distinctive twist. Because Jordanian cuisine uses products that are produced locally, spices that are fragrant, and traditional cooking techniques, it is well known for its mouthwatering flavors and high nutritional content. In Maha and Amal’s kitchen, traditional dishes are combined with contemporary inventiveness. Each meal they produce is a visual feast for the senses, showcasing Jordan’s culinary legacy through vivid colors and enticing scents. Their common goal is to make each guest feel valued and at home at their house, where the warmth of their friendship and the delicacies of Jordan coexist in perfect harmony.

Maha and Amal, neighbors united by tradition and culinary innovation, are the embodiment of the bond between Jordanian culture and healthy, hearty cuisine.

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