Traditional Breakfast

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Feda Abu Ayyash is on a mission to acquaint visitors to the Amman Citadel’s rich cultural heritage in a delectable and distinctive way. She was reared in the center of Amman, which gave her a strong bond with its past, and a passion to introduce the world to it.

She offers visitors the experience of a fully immersive breakfast experience that highlights Jordanian customs and flavors. Amid the stunning scenery of Amman Citadel, she presents a good selection of classic meals, such as falafel, hummus, eggs, and tomato-fried qalaih. It is a voyage through culture rather than just a meal.

What makes Feda’s venture extraordinary is her commitment to storytelling. With every bite, she weaves a narrative that delves into the Citadel’s history, the cultural influences that have shaped Jordan, and the heartwarming stories passed down through generations. Her breakfast is not only about food: it is about connecting people with the spirit of Amman.

Her passion for preserving Amman’s cultural heritage through culinary experiences has delighted and educated visitors about the city’s rich history and traditions. Her dream is to continue spreading the message of unity and cultural appreciation, one breakfast at a time. With her dedication, culinary skills, and heartfelt storytelling, Feda is a shining example of how food can bridge cultures and create lasting connections.

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