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Saeed Shanter, a native of the Amman Citadel, is a dedicated youth who already has more than six years of experience in crafting traditional sweets. Born and raised in the Amman Citadel, Saeed developed a profound love for sweet-making and a deep connection to his cultural heritage. Saeed’s journey began with a simple passion for sweets, which led him to learn from his mother, experiment with recipes, and delve into the history and techniques behind traditional desserts of the region. Determined to preserve tradition, Saeed insists on using time-honored family recipes and locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each treat represents the culinary heritage of the area. In 2023, he established his project in the Amman Citadel. He offers tourists an immersive cultural experience, in which they witness the sweet-making process, engaging with the history and significance of each dessert.

Saeed’s vision extends to sharing Jordan’s unique flavors with the world while supporting the local community. Through his project, he aims to foster greater cultural understanding and appreciation while building bridges between people from diverse backgrounds.

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