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The passion that Umm Rafat (Najah Qaisi) has for soap-making stems from her steadfast dedication to quality and safety. Her handmade soaps are not only very high quality, but they also pass stringent testing conducted by a Jordanian lab to guarantee their safety. Her commitment to quality has created a reliable product that appeals to tourists visiting the Amman Citadel as well as to local residents.

Through her soapmaking, Umm Rafat seeks to connect her community with tourists, fostering a deeper appreciation for her traditions and values. Her sense of good nature and boundless energy inspire all who meet her, and her soap acts as a conduit conveying the history and culture of the Amman Citadel to the hearts of those who visit.

In the historic Amman Citadel, Umm Rafat emerges as a beloved figure and cultural ambassador, utilizing humor and artisanal soap to build bridges between her community and the world, one bar of soap at a time.

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