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Maha and Amal, two local women who have called the Amman Citadel home for over 30 years, have become synonymous with the essence of this historic site. Their unwavering dedication to the preservation of this ancient gem and their culinary talents have earned them the title of “Savory of Amman Citadel.” These two remarkable women offer a unique and unforgettable experience to every visitor they meet. The aroma of their savory creations, made from recipes passed down through generations, wafts through the air, drawing travelers from near and far. As you approach, the tantalizing aroma of their food becomes irresistible.

Maha and Amal’s savories are not just food; they are a taste of Amman’s rich heritage. As you savor their dishes, you are equally indulging in a culinary delight and immersing yourself in the history of the city. Their passion for their cuisine and love for Amman shine through every conversation and every delectable bite they serve. Maha and Amal’s legacy is a testament to the power of love, culture, and dedication. Their efforts help keep the Amman Citadel the most inviting spot, a must-visit destination for travelers from all over the world. A visit to the Amman Citadel with a taste of Maha and Amal’s savories is an unforgettable experience that engages all the senses, leaving a lasting impression of the history and warmth that define this remarkable place.

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