Ahmad Ababnah

“The Mamluk and Ottoman Mosques on the Shami Pilgrimage Route”

Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship, 2022 – 2023

Yarmouk University

Ahmad Ababneh, who holds a bachelor’s degree in archaeology from Hashemite University, is earning his master’s degree in archaeology at Al-Yarmouk University, with a thesis entitled “Mamluk and Ottoman Mosques on the Shami Hajj Route in Jordan: An Analytical Architectural-Artistic Study.”

His experience includes both fieldwork and teaching. He has served at various archaeological sites in Jordan and currently is a site supervisor at Bayt Ras, Irbid. While working in the Jordanian archeological heritage sector, he has gained knowledge and skills in the fields of antiquities preservation and archaeological site development. Among these are techniques for analyzing, documenting, and storing artifacts, creating virtual simulations of how archaeological sites or artifacts once appeared, and planning surveys and excavations, all of which have made him an outstanding supervisor of archaeological sites.

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