Adrienne Baker

“Balu’a Regional Archaeological Project”

Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship, 2022 – 2023

University of Washington

Adrienne Baker resides in Seattle and grew up in St Louis, Missouri, and later Kennewick, Washington. She just finished her third year at the University of Washington and is majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Near Eastern Studies. She has been learning Arabic and is excited to use her language skills on an archaeological excavation in Jordan this summer. She became interested in history when she was seven years old when exploring her family’s 19th century farm in Illinois and discovered a WWI doughboy helmet, which she presented to her first-grade class. This summer, she will participate on the Balu’a Dig in Jordan with the help of an ACOR Jennifer C. Groot Memorial Fellowship. She will be helping her professor, Dr. Stephanie Selover, excavate an Iron Age II Moabite site and is looking forward to telling the ACOR audience more about it when she returns.

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