ACOR Conservation Cooperative (ACC)

Naif Zaban in the ACOR Conservation Lab treating wall plaster fragments found in the Ayn Gharandal fort by the University of Tennessee team under Robert and Erin Darby. Photo by Barbara A. Porter.

The ACOR Conservation Cooperative (ACC) was launched in 2006 to assist existing archaeological and cultural resource management projects with conservation efforts needed for the successful completion of the projects. 

As of this writing in 2013, the ACC has assisted 31 projects in Jordan with conservation and restoration issues in order to help them move toward final publication and museum displays of the artifacts recovered from the excavations. The work of the ACC is primarily executed by ACOR’s  conservation technician, Mr. Naif Zaban.

The thirty-one (31) international projects assisted by the ACC between 2006 and 2013 include:

Amman Citadel, Iron Age excavations  French, Jordanian
Aqaba Castle
 Jordanian, Belgian
Ayn Gharandal excavations  American
Bir Madkhur
Brown University Petra Archaeological Project
Darat al Funun  Jordanian, American
Ghor es-Safi–Khirbet Sheikh al-Issa  Greek, Australian
Ghor es-Safi–Masna es-Sukkar  British, Greek
Humayma  Canadian
Jerash (IFPO projects)
Jordan Museum (conservation, installations)  Jordanian
Khirbet al-Mudayna  Canadian, Austrian
Khirbet al-Nawafleh  Jordanian
Khirbet es-Samra  French
Madaba Archaeological Park  American, Jordanian
Pella/Tabaqat Fahl
Petra Church Conservation and Maintenance  American, Italian, Jordanian
Petra Garden & Pool Complex  American
Petra International Khubtha Tombs Project  New Zealander, Swiss
Petra North Ridge Project
Shuqayra al-Gharbiyya  Jordanian
South Jordan Iron Age II Project  British
Tall Dhiban
 American, British
 Tall Madaba
 Tell Abu Sarbut  Dutch
 Tell as-Safut
 Tell ‘Umayri
Wadi ‘Araba survey  American
Wadi Feynan excavations/surveys  American, Jordanian






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