A Map and a Lens: The photography of Bashar Tabbah

Aaron's TombPhotographer Bashar Tabbah is a friend and neighbor of ACOR. In early 2016 he gave digital copies of a number of his photographs of the archaeological sites and landscapes of Jordan  to ACOR to be included in the ACOR website.   All of the new sliding images at the top of ACOR’s website are the work of Bashar Tabbah.

Bashar has a website, A Map and a Lens, that we encourage you to visit to see his catalog of amazing and beautiful photos from Jordan and elsewhere.

The photo to the left was taken by Bashar in the Petra area, pictured is the Tomb of Aaron taken at night to showcase the fantastic star-scape.

In the near future we will profile Bashar Tabbah on the ACOR Blog and put a portfolio of his photos that were included on the ACOR website in a photo album on this website, so keep checking back to this page as we expand the content.

A big “thank you” from ACOR to Bashar Tabbah for allowing us to use his beautiful photographs of Jordan to refresh the ACOR website.

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