“Jordan in a ¼ Century +—Flying on the Wings of the Wind….”

21 May 2014 – ACOR Talk delivered by Author and Photographer Jane Taylor

About the talk:

Jane Taylor will reflect on 25 years of living in Jordan, writing about its rich and varied history and photographing its spectacular monuments. She will share something of the privilege she has had in seeing Jordan both from the air and from the ground – bird’s eye and worm’s eye views. In doing so, she will illustrate some of the changes we have all witnessed – some magnificent, others less so – in the archaeological sites, landscapes and cities of this beautiful and vulnerable corner of the earth.

About the speaker

After completing an M.A. in Mediaeval History from St Andrews University in Scotland, Jane Taylor taught history for two years before changing to book publishing. Five years later she moved to Istanbul, doing research for a BBC TV series, followed by many years back in London researching and producing TV programs.  Alongside this work she was writing books and photographing, and in 1989, when her first Jordan book appeared (High Above Jordan), she moved to Amman for one year – 25 years later she is still here.

Her other books are Testament to the Bushmen (with Laurens van der Post, 1984); Imperial Istanbul (1989, new edition 2007); Petra (1993; new edition 2004); and Petra and the Lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans (2001, new edition 2012); Yemen: Land and People (text by Sarah Searight, 2002); Jordan Images from the Air (2005); and (with Isabelle Ruben) Beyond the Jordan: Baptism, Prophecy and Pilgrimage East of the River Jordan (2011).

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