SCHEP Institutional Development Coordinator: Farah Abu Naser

Photo by A. Ghareeb and A. Albadareen (2020).

Farah Abu Naser joined SCHEP as the Institutional Development Coordinator in February 2019. In this role, she supports the Institutional Development Lead with the goal of building the capacities of the Jordanian heritage sector and strengthening the local community of practice. Prior to joining SCHEP, Farah worked in Public Relations, Museums and Awareness Directorate of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. Farah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Resources Management from the University of Jordan, and a Master’s degree from the Hashemite University’s Faculty of Tourism and Heritage, where she also worked as a research assistant. She has received a number of scholarships, including a North Rhine-Westphalia Scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD Jordan) to work on a project at the University of Münster’s Centre for the Eastern Mediterranean History and Culture. She also received ACOR – The American Center of Oriental Research’s Jordanian Graduate Student Scholarship in 2016, as well as SCHEP funding to attend the 14th International Conference on the History and Archeology of Jordan (ICHAJ 14) in Florence in January 2019.


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