SCHEP Awareness & Outreach Coordinator: Raneen Naimi

Photo by A. Ghareeb and A. Albadareen (2020).

Raneen Naimi, an outreach intern with SCHEP since April 2017, eventually becoming Awareness & Outreach Coordinator– Raneen is currently working on a Master’s degree from German Jordanian University in Architecture Conservation. In her work with USAID SCHEP, she works with local communities living near SCHEP sites to raise their awareness about the historical and heritage value these sites hold. She develops materials and programming that deepen communities’ understanding of how archaeological sites can contribute to their local economies and communal identities. Raneen also coordinates SCHEP efforts of developing awareness programs with key partners such as the Ministry of Education, Friends of Archaeology and Heritage (FoAH), and the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration (MIMAR).


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