Outreach Project Archivist: Jude Maraka

Outreach project archivist Jude Maraka has a strong background in research and library sciences. She graduated with honors from George Mason University in December 2019 with a bachelor of science in biology and psychology. Interning at the Queen Rania Teacher Academy provided her with experience in library services.

Her work experience as a psychology teacher, curriculum coordinator, and IELTS trainer has given her insights into education. Her degree from George Mason offered her a grounding in health as well, and she worked with the Ministry of Health, administering vaccines to civilians during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also did research in cellular biology, immunology, and microbiology in addition to being a peer advisor.

Jude has multiple certifications in French language and received certifications abroad from Johns Hopkins University in psychological first aid and from McMaster University in “Breaking Through Obstacles to Learning and Discovering Hidden Potential.”

She has a passion for teaching and guiding others and has volunteered with many organizations, such as Save the Children, the Model United Nations, and the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. Her passion for the sciences and education earned her a title in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as an ambassador during her undergraduate studies.

Email:  jmaraka@acorjordan.org

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