ACOR Publications

ACOR: The First 25 Years. The American Center of Oriental Research: 1968-1993 by edited by P.M. Bikai (1993).  Published as part of ACOR’s celebration of its 25th year in 1993. This book presents the history of North American research in Jordan and the history of the ACOR, from its institutional beginnings to major fieldwork and cultural heritage initiatives. 83 pages,  softcover. Out of stock. Out of print.  Online edition only.

The 150th Anniversary of the United States’ Expedition to Explore the Dead Sea and the River Jordan by Robert E. Rook (1998).  An assessment of the Lynch expedition in 1848.  Hard-bound volume of 32 pages. Many reproductions of Lynch’s illustrations, including his three maps.  Out of stock and out of print. Online edition only.

Arabic for Archaeologists, prepared by Robert Schick as a revised version of Paul Lapp’s original. Previous revisions by Nancy Lapp were made in in 1971 and 1990. The easy to use pocket sized booklet (10 x 16 cm) is suitable for work in the field. Proceeds support the ACOR Library.

Ancient Ammonites and Modern Arabs, edited by Gloria A. London and Douglas R. Clark (1997). Life across the centuries in the area excavated by the Madaba Plains Project. Hard-bound with 76 pages and 74 figures.

The Great Temple of Amman – The Architecture, by Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos (1994). The architecture of the temple that was excavated and partially restored by ACOR. Large format, cloth-bound with 135 pages and 13 plates.

The Great Temple of Amman – The Excavations, by Anthi Koutsoukou, Kenneth W. Russell, Mohammad Najjar, and Ahmed Momani (1997). Description of the 1990-93 excavations. This hard-bound volume has 191 pages and 3 fold-out plates.

Megalithic Jordan: An Introduction and Field Guide, by Gajus Scheltema (2008). This book is the first field guide to megalithic sites in Jordan and contains descriptions of dolmens, standing stones, and related features. Paperback, small format with 144 pages and 84 illustrations, mostly in color, and one map.

Mosaics of Jordan, by Michele Piccirillo (1992). A large format, cloth-bound volume with 383 pages, 874 illustrations, plans, and aerial photographs. Third printing (2008).

The Petra Church, by Z. T. Fiema, C. Kanellopoulos, T. Waliszewski, and R. Schick (2001). The volume contains reports on all aspects of the ACORproject that excavated what was probably the cathedral of Petra. This large format (33 x 25 cm), cloth-bound volume has 463 pages and over 700 illustrations including 36 in full color.

The Petra Papyri, Volumes I-V, various authors. Entire set will be five volumes. Hardbound. Primary document Greek language papyrus texts from the sixth century A.D. that were discovered in carbonized condition in Petra in 1993. Scholarship on the Petra Papyri is ongoing.

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