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ACOR Hostel Rates – updated as of July 2018

The ACOR Hostel is a home away from home for hundreds of travelers to Jordan every year. To reward hostel guests who choose to remain at ACOR for long visits, ACOR has introduced a revised rate schedule that offers a discount to residents who stay for more than two weeks, who stay for more than one month, and who share their room with another guest or with a friend.

Hostel Regular Rate

Hostel rate is per person per night.
Length of Stay Basic Rate Shared Room Rate
1-14 nights $60.00 $54.00
15-29 nights $55.00 $48.00
30+ nights $50.00 $45.00

Additional information for families:
Children (8–14 years): US $12/day
Children (3–7 years): US $5/day
Children (0–2 years): Free

Hostel Student Rate

Hostel rate is per person per night.
Length of Stay Basic Rate Shared Room Rate
1-14 nights $40.00 $36.00
15-29 nights $35.00 $31.00
30+ nights $30.00 $27.00

Student: Current enrollment in a university program.

About the ACOR Hostel

From November 2020 to September 2021, ACOR is undergoing renovation. This has an impact on the residents. Some services may be limited or suspended from time to time, it may be dusty, and noisy.


ACOR wants everyone to be comfortable living in the hostel. We also want to use our resources economically and manage all aspects of the ACOR facility with efficiency and fairness.

During periods of high demand for hostel reservations, established residents may be asked to share their room with a roommate of the same gender. Only senior ACOR fellows on post-doctoral fellowships are guaranteed a private room for the duration of their fellowship.

We never surprise residents with unexpected roommates. Everyone is consulted and informed in advance. If the ACOR administration has asked a current guest to accept a roommate and the original guest refuses, preferring to remain alone in his or her single room, then the guest should expect to pay an additional fee per night per room for the privilege of privacy.

This fee will be an extra $20/night for students — $30/night for non-students.


  • Additional charge $2 for those staying only one night. This is to cover the additional
    costs for laundry and housekeeping.
  • Check out time is 9:00AM unless otherwise agreed with the ACOR Administrator.
  • Bag/suitcase/box storage is available.
  • Office is closed on Fridays and holidays and closes other days at 4:00PM.
  • ACOR is not responsible for money or other valuables left in hostel rooms.

Covid-19 Procedures –In effect until otherwise noted.

All ACOR Hostel guests who have been fully vaccinated with a US FDA or Jordanian-equivalent approved Vaccine and can show the vaccination certificate may stay at ACOR immediately on arrival and are not required to conduct a five-day quarantine outside ACOR. Results from the required test on arrival to Jordan at the airport must be forwarded to ACOR as soon as received.

Hostel Guests who are not fully vaccinated or are not able to produce vaccination proof are required to complete a five-day quarantine outside ACOR at their own expense and show a negative PCR test at the end of the fifth day before residing at ACOR.

All guests are required to notify management immediately on signs or symptoms of covid-19, and are required to observe all ACOR procedures (e.g., social distancing, wearing a mask, checking temperature daily, regular use of hand sanitizer/washing hands) .

Should a guest develop Covid-19 symptoms they must test immediately at their own expense. Proof of negative test will be required to continue residence at ACOR. A positive test – symptomatic or asymptomatic – requires a 14-day quarantine by Jordanian law. ACOR is not equipped to facilitate quarantines, so the guest must quarantine outside of ACOR, at their own expense, for the required duration and until a PCR test results in a negative for Covid-19.

By accepting a reservation, guests fully agree to abide by all ACOR Covid-19 measures, which are subject to change.   

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