Tucker Deady

Tucker Deady, Harrell Family Fellowship 2024-2025

Khirbat Iskandar Expedition

Harrell Family Fellowship

University of Toronto
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

Tucker Deady is a fourth-year PhD candidate at the University of Toronto in the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. She focuses on connectivity and mobility during the Early Bronze Age (EBA) of the Southern Levant and is specifically interested in the intersection between spatial and social networks during this time. She utilizes landscape archaeology theory and data science methods to investigate these themes and studies how they might help reassess current urbanism models of the EBA. She has been a member of the Khirbat Iskandar Expedition since 2013 and uses findings from the site and its environs as a case study for her project. This summer she will return to the field to continue surveying and excavating. Outside of Jordan she has also worked in Turkey, Greece, England, Kenya, and throughout the United States.

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